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The Measures to Take if You’ve Been Attacked by a Dog

Being attacked by a dog is one of the most terrifying encounters one can face. It is difficult to know how to respond in the middle of this ordeal and there’s a chance you may panic and hurt yourself even more. If you find yourself facing the unveiled teeth of an angry canine, there are vital things you need to know to protect yourself.

Dogs are man’s best find and they make suitable house pets. A canine that has been poorly trained or one which has been neglected and mistreated will see other humans as a menace. Passing near a canine-like this may cause it to act viciously and it will only relax after you’ve passed.

Try as much as possible to relax if you’ve been attacked by a dog. The last thing you’ll want to do if a canine runs at you is to intimidate it even more. If you flail your arms, run away, or even scream, it will tell the dog that you are afraid and this can invigorate it to carry on with the attack.

Show the right zeel. Canines identify each other by the zest they give off and they study these same signals from persons. You should come across as tranquil but assertive when dealing with a canine that is attacking you. Make sure you stand side-on to the dog as this is a sign you’re not looking to the part in a fight and will also make you a narrower earmark. To show the dog that you’re not afraid you should stand up straight and avoid eye contact with the dog as this would irritate it even more.

The third step is sidetracking the dog. The dog may get too close to you and perhaps because it totally surprises you and here, do your best to prevent it from biting you directly. By chance, you have long sleeves, do your best pulling your hands in, and see to it that the dog chews down on the sheath. Try to pull out the item of clothing while the canine is chewing ad get to safety.

In case the worst occur and the dog gets a hold of you, do your best to protect your torso, neck, and head. Do your best to engulf the eyes of the dog as it may become befuddled. In case there’s no other option than to strike back, do with conviction.

Call the police immediately if you manage to break free and seek protection. You can also file a dog bite lawsuit should your find yourself injured in such an ordeal to receive compensation. A dog bite lawsuit also protects others from suffering n ordeal similar to yours in the future.

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