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Islamic Stories for Kids: Islamic Education

Islamic Stories for Kids: Islamic Education

There are ample of books available titled “Islam for Kids”, Islamic Stories for Children or Islam for Children but the Delightful Stories for Children, based on Islamic Thought is different from all in many aspects. This book of Islamic stories for Children is written on the bases of Children´s questions about Islam. The writer has very effectively and thoroughly understood and addressed the questions arising in young minds about Islam. In this book the writer has explained some basic facts about Islam, enough for both the young and the old. This is fascinating kids book on Islam and is a novel approach by which the children can get the knowledge of Islamic history and religious education. In essence, this app is collection of amazing stories that have potential to socialise the children through lessons. It´s a Hand book for Children about Islam. So if someone is looking for valuable and useful book about Islam and kids, he is at the right place.

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