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Islamic Stories -Life Of Sahaba – قصص الأنبياء‎

Islamic Stories -Life Of Sahaba – قصص الأنبياء‎

✿✿ Download Islamic Stories – Life of Prophets – قصص الأنبياء for Inspiring & Motivational Islamic stories of Prophet & Sahaba ✿✿

✿✿ In Noble Qur’an, there exists a chapter 28 called as Al-Qasas (The Story, Stories), which itself is a proof that man is in need of stories and narratives.
The entire chapter 12 Yusuf (Joseph- يوسف ) in Noble Qur’an, has been devoted to the story of Prophet Yusuf, his 11 brothers, Prophet Ya’qub (Jacob – النبي يعقوب ) and Zulaikha (الزليخة).

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